Dennis Abry

Resident Faculty


I started teaching psychology as an adjunct instructor at Tallahassee Community College while pursuing my PhD at Florida State. My first full-time teaching position was at Colorado Northwestern Community College, where I stayed for two years. That was followed by a year at Ohio State University where I was involved in the development of a research/learning lab and co-authored a textbook. From there I moved to Yavapai College in Prescott for five years, then to Blue Ridge (Virginia) Community College for five years and Piedmont Virginia Community College for three years. Fall 2013 is my first semester at SCC.


Course # Class Section Semester Course Title Course Syllabus
PSY240 14518 Summer 2020 Developmental Psychology
PSY240 18985 Summer 2020 Developmental Psychology
PSY266 14650 Summer 2020 Abnormal Psychology
PSY101 18164 Fall 2020 Introduction to Psychology
PSY101 19207 Fall 2020 Introduction to Psychology
PSY101 39038 Fall 2020 Introduction to Psychology
PSY240 18401 Fall 2020 Developmental Psychology
PSY240 18547 Fall 2020 Developmental Psychology
PSY266 18172 Fall 2020 Abnormal Psychology
PSY266 18483 Fall 2020 Abnormal Psychology
PSY101 27452 Spring 2021 Introduction to Psychology
PSY101 27456 Spring 2021 Introduction to Psychology
PSY240 27679 Spring 2021 Developmental Psychology
PSY240 27812 Spring 2021 Developmental Psychology
PSY266 27463 Spring 2021 Abnormal Psychology
PSY266 27723 Spring 2021 Abnormal Psychology