Karryn Allen

Resident Faculty


Karryn Allen has been teaching and choreographing in the Phoenix area since 2002. She is residential faculty at Scottsdale Community College and the Co-director of the SCC Dance Program. She has an AFA: Dance from SCC, a Bachelor's of Arts: Secondary Dance Education from Ottawa University and a Master's of Fine Arts: Dance from ASU. As a dancer, she has worked with choreographers and instructors around the country. She has choreographed a number of theater productions and dance pieces performed throughout the Phoenix area. Her current interests include the integration of somatic practices into dance technique pedagogy and student success in the gig economy.


Course # Class Section Semester Course Title Course Syllabus
DAH201 21252 Fall 2021 World Dance Studies
DAH201 21415 Fall 2021 World Dance Studies
DAN131 20732 Fall 2021 Ballet I
DAN131PA 20934 Fall 2021 Ballet Basic Level
DAN150 20736 Fall 2021 Dance Performance I
DAN155 20747 Fall 2021 Dance Performance II
DAN221 21324 Fall 2021 Rhythmic Awareness I
DAN298AA 18493 Summer 2021 Special Projects
DAN221 37999 Fall 2021 Rhythmic Awareness I
Karryn Allen
Contact 480/423-6600
Location Physical Education PE 147
Office Hours Office Hours Fall/Spring
By Appointment - Email: karryn.allen@scottsdalecc.edu
Summer Hours Office Hours Summer
By Appointment - Email: karryn.allen@scottsdalecc.edu

Kinetic Connections 2021 Fusion Friday May 7

Kinetic Connections 2021 Instinct Dancecorps May 8