Cody Anderson

Resident Faculty


I am your typical farmer, ecohydrologist, golfer, folk comedy songwriter, hiker, Wiffler, traveler, and community college instructor.

I was raised on a date farm in southern California. I left that desert to come to this one in 2007 and subsequently got my B.S.E. (Environmental Engineering, 2011) and M.S. (Hydrosystems Engineering, 2013) at the very fine Arizona State University. Now I am an engineering and mathematics instructor at Scottsdale Community College (Go 'Chokes!).

My main goal in life is to use the many blessings I've been given to serve the people around me. All the best.


Course # Class Section Semester Course Title Course Syllabus
CSC120 18788 Fall 2020 Digital Design Fundamentals
ECE102 18545 Fall 2020 Eng Analysis Tools/Tech
ECE103 18952 Fall 2020 Engr Problm Solve/Design
EEE120 18796 Fall 2020 Digital Design Fundamentals