Julie Begonia

Resident Faculty


Julie Begonia has pursued horses as a lifetime passion. Having completed years in 4-H and Pony Club as a youngster, she continued on to compete as an amateur in both Western and English Pleasure. Julie has ridden and been involved with horses for as long as she can remember. During her work career as an adult, Julie continued her pursuit as a recreational horseman.

In 2000, Julie began taking classes at Scottsdale Community College in the Equine Science Program. By 2005, Julie was working as a student teaching assistant in the Horsemanship and Training classes in the Equine Science Program. She continued to work as a lab assistant in the reinstituted Equine Management class in the program in 2007. In Fall 2008, Julie was invited to join the Equine Science Program as an adjunct faculty member teaching Principles of Equine Science.

Julie owns and rides two of the rare Dales Ponies, as well as, her old Missouri Fox Trotter. She is a member of the Dales Pony Society of America, Inc., The Arizona Carriage Driving Society, served as the Volunteer Coordinator for the Arizona Combined Driving Event for the past three years; she has served on the Equine Science Advisory Board.


Course # Class Section Semester Course Title Course Syllabus
EQS225 18324 Fall 2020 Equine Hlth/Disease Mgmt
EQS280 18667 Fall 2020 Equine Science Internship
EQS283 17568 Fall 2020 Special Event Internship
EQS140 26996 Spring 2021 Equine Behavior
EQS140 35757 Spring 2021 Equine Behavior
EQS200 28036 Spring 2021 Principles of Equine Nutrition
EQS200 35770 Spring 2021 Principles of Equine Nutrition