Rachel Brace-Stille

Resident Faculty


Constantly in motion, her work ever evolving, Rachel Woodburn recently completed her Master’s in Fine Art at The Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University, January 2010. In the last decade, her pursuit has been to become an image maker, embracing the process of creation while developing all essential qualities of a fine artist.

"Through the devices of photographs and three-dimensional objects, Rachel probes the psychological dimensions of a life sutured together from a troubled childhood to a difficult adulthood. The photographic images typically describe physical limitations, while the sculptures take as their starting point, everyday objects that are rendered mute and dysfunctional. The mood is silent and somewhat tortured, yet because of their beauty and familiarity, her objects (which occupy her more these days than photography) are immensely compelling." - Jan Avgikos, contributing editor of ArtForum

Julian Cox, photography curator at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, said her work combines "beauty and psychological content in delicate balance." Her images in Kallitype and Carbon are highlighted in the second edition of The Book of Alternative Photographic Processes (Delmar Thomson, NY) by Christopher James, who writes that Woodburn's images are "consistently rich in content and expression."

Simultaneously as she creates her art, she shares her experience with others through demonstrations, workshops, and international education tours, providing students opportunities to participate in unique learning environments.


Course # Class Section Semester Course Title Course Syllabus
ART142 20762 Fall 2021 Intro Digitl Photography
ART131 20325 Fall 2021 Photography I
ART131 20413 Fall 2021 Photography I
ART143 20774 Fall 2021 Intrmediat Digital Photo
ART290EC 36335 Fall 2021 Studio Art: Photography
ART132 38173 Fall 2021 Photography II
ART132 38188 Fall 2021 Photography II
ART137 38194 Fall 2021 Alternative Photo Proces