Anne Cedergren-Healy

Resident Faculty


A.A.S. in Computer Information Systems, Scottsdale Community College

B.S. in Biology, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology

M.S. in Microbiology/Immunology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

I have taught a number of courses for various colleges over the years, including microbiology, immunology, non-majors general biology, and general biology for allied health majors. Spring 2021 is my first semester teaching BIO471C - Microbial Ecology for Northern Arizona University as part of the SCC2NAU dual Associates/Bachelors in Biology degree program. Visit for more information.

I love science fiction and fantasy. If you are also a fan, I would love to hear your suggestions for books, manga, anime, comics, or movies I might have missed.


Course # Class Section Semester Course Title Course Syllabus
BIO205 27370 Spring 2021 Microbiology BIO205-27370
BIO205 27371 Spring 2021 Microbiology BIO205-27371
BIO205 27372 Spring 2021 Microbiology BIO205-27372
BIO205 27373 Spring 2021 Microbiology BIO205-27373
BIO205 27377 Spring 2021 Microbiology BIO205-27377
BIO205 27378 Spring 2021 Microbiology BIO205-27378
BIO205 20574 Fall 2021 Microbiology
BIO205 20575 Fall 2021 Microbiology
BIO205 20576 Fall 2021 Microbiology
BIO205 20577 Fall 2021 Microbiology
BIO205 20578 Fall 2021 Microbiology
BIO205 20579 Fall 2021 Microbiology
Anne Healy
Contact 480/423-6779
Location Natural Science NS-118
(Note: All my classes are completely online. I will not be on campus.)
Office Hours M-Th 4:00 - 5:00 p.m. on Google Meet
Summer Hours None