Tracey Haynie

Resident Faculty



Tracey Haynie has been a residential math faculty member at Scottsdale Community College since 2015. Prior to teaching at SCC, she taught for 11 years at the University of Washington. She has also taught at Green River Community College, Tacoma Community College, and Arizona State University. She enjoys teaching a wide range of math courses, from developmental math on up! She is especially interested in OER development, and statistical applications for environmental data. She has earned her Master's degree in Statistics from Arizona State University, and her Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics from Abilene Christian University.

Teaching Style:

Tracey has high expectations for both herself and her students! She usually offers a mixture of lecture (where she provides guided notes to her students) and some group work activities. Students may be asked to present their in-class work to their classmates, but only if they are comfortable doing so. Tracey wants each one of her students to feel welcome in the classroom, and be responsible for their own learning. She expects her students to attend class, be on time, and submit work on time. She makes every effort to meet students individual learning needs, while still covering all of the required course material. She uses OER materials (free or low cost to students) in all of her courses. She also uses MOER, a free online learning management system, in all of her courses. Homework assignments are all completed online in this system.



Course # Class Section Semester Course Title Course Syllabus
MAT206 21149 Fall 2021 Elements of Statistics MAT206 - 21149
MAT141 21304 Fall 2021 College Mathematics MAT141 - 21304
MAT141 21334 Fall 2021 College Mathematics MAT141 - 21334
MAT141 21599 Fall 2021 College Mathematics MAT141 - 21599
MAT140 21604 Fall 2021 College Mathematics MAT140 - 21604
MAT103 31964 Spring 2022 College Mathematics Prep
MAT141 31677 Spring 2022 College Mathematics
MAT206 31170 Spring 2022 Elements of Statistics
MAT206 31623 Spring 2022 Elements of Statistics
MAT141 32012 Spring 2022 College Mathematics
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Contact 480-423-6776
Location Computers and Mathematics 422
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Tuesday and Thursday: 9:30 - 11:30 am

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