Rebecca Irvine

Adjunct Faculty


Rebecca Irvine is a graduate of Brigham Young University where she earned both Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Communications. Irvine followed in her father's footsteps and became a college professor, currently teaching at both Scottsdale Community College and Benedictine University. Rebecca is married and the mother of three fabulous kids. Reading, blogging, (, and going to Zumba class are some of her favorite hobbies. Published works by Irvine include FHE at Home (Covenant 2014), Follow the Prophets (Covenant 2013), Adventures with the Word of God (Horizon/CFI 2008) and Family Home Evening Adventures (Horizon/CFI 2009).


Course # Class Section Semester Course Title Course Syllabus
COM100 17692 Fall 2020 Intro to Human Communication
COM100 18405 Fall 2020 Intro to Human Communication
COM263 17709 Fall 2020 Elements of Intercultural Comm
COM263 27136 Spring 2021 Elements of Intercultural Comm