John Jackson

Resident Faculty


Before teaching, I worked in industry in both high-tech and entrepreneurial sectors.  I did research, development, and design of original software and computer systems for plant automation, robotics, digital communications, machinery controls, OEM automated manufacturing systems, and systems integration.  After my industry stint, I started a successful consulting business and co-founded a successful small business.  During the small business venture, I began teaching Statistics, Information Technology, and Computer Science courses at Maricopa Community Colleges, Arizona State University, and Grand Canyon University.  I spent time in Oregon as an Assistant Professor of Information Technology and Business Analytics at Oregon Institute of Technology. 

Prior to SCC, I worked in operations and testing with two major autonomous (self-driving) vehicle companies. 

I attended Baylor University and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Quantitative Analysis.  After Baylor, I attended Texas A&M University and earned an MS in Statistics with a minor in Industrial Engineering.



Course # Class Section Semester Course Title Course Syllabus
CSC100AB 36639 Fall 2021 Intro Computr Sci(C++)
CSC110AB 21472 Fall 2021 Intro Computr Sci(Java)
CSC110AB 21473 Fall 2021 Intro Computr Sci(Java)
CSC110AB 36640 Fall 2021 Intro Computr Sci(Java)
MAT140 21437 Fall 2021 College Mathematics
John Jackson
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