Michael Kuzmik

Resident Faculty


I've been teaching at SCC since the late 80's prior to using computers for architectural drawing. My first CAD station cost $10,000 at that time. I had taken an Autocad class at Gateway Community College from Bill Windsor. That class was an Open entry / Open exit class. The class structure worked well for me.

While Myron Brower was on sabbatical, I taught his classes. That was when I helped to setup our first Cad lab at SCC, along with Bill Windsor's help.

I was hired as a residential faculty in the early 1990's when the new AP building was constructed. Since then, we've gone through many Autocad versions and many computer stations.

We still teach Autocad but have added Revit and Sketchup as part of the Architectural Drafting curriculum. We also are aligned with Interior Design and help them in their effort to make their students CAD literate.

The future is very challenging but we are looking forward to expanding BIM and adding 3D printing along with scanning and maybe Virtual Reality.

My journey to learn architectural drafting and finally becoming an architect involved attending high school and trade school drafting courses.

I joined the USN - Seabee's during the Viet Nam conflict and and worked as an Engineering Aid - Draftsman for 3.5 years on a 4 year enlistment.

While still in the Navy, I enrolled into ASU's School of Architecture and graduated with honors with a BA-Arch Architecture.

I practiced as an architect both for others and myself. I designed and had my own residence built, and still live there.


Course # Class Section Semester Course Title Course Syllabus
ARC142 21038 Fall 2021 Arch CAD II: Plans/Elev
ARC243 20232 Fall 2021 CAD III: Site Plans/Sect
ARC244 20233 Fall 2021 Arch CAD IV:Struc Systms
ARC245 20234 Fall 2021 Arch CAD V: Mec/Elec Sys
ARC246 20235 Fall 2021 Arch CAD VI:Const Detail
ARC251 21055 Fall 2021 Intermediate Revit
ARC251 21587 Fall 2021 Intermediate Revit
ARC270 20236 Fall 2021 Architect Tech Synthesis
ARC298AC 21108 Fall 2021 Special Projects
ARC142 21595 Fall 2021 Arch CAD II: Plans/Elev
ARC250 31438 Spring 2022 Basic Revit
ARC298AC 31674 Spring 2022 Special Projects
ARC243 30701 Spring 2022 CAD III: Site Plans/Sect
ARC244 30702 Spring 2022 Arch CAD IV:Struc Systms
ARC245 30703 Spring 2022 Arch CAD V: Mec/Elec Sys
ARC250 31915 Spring 2022 Basic Revit
ARC270 30705 Spring 2022 Architect Tech Synthesis