Robert Martin III

Resident Faculty


I believe the combination of Exercise & Nutrition is the best "medicine" to use to promote life-long health. I am fortunate to have such a great job helping students transform their health here at SCC!

To get here, I worked hard to earn two Master's degrees. The first MS in Exercise Science gave me the opportunity to change people's lives using exercise. But, I returned to school to earn a second Master's degree in Human Nutrition. Both degrees are from Arizona State.

Soon after graduating with an MS in Nutrition, I started teaching at Glendale Community College in their Personal Training & Nutrition program. I spent 9 years teaching at GCC but now have found a new home at Scottsdale Community College.

Currently, I am the Nutrition Program Director & Co-Director of the Personal Training program at SCC. I love to help students find their academic path here at SCC so they can have great jobs once they leave!


Course # Class Section Semester Course Title Course Syllabus
EXS239AA 27774 Spring 2021 Prac App Prsnl Train Skill Int
EXS239AB 27793 Spring 2021 Prac App Prsnl Train Skill Int
FON125 27813 Spring 2021 Intro Prof Food Nutrtn Diettcs
FON241 27609 Spring 2021 Principles of Human Nutrition
FON241LL 27610 Spring 2021 Princpls of Human Nutritns Lab
FON241LL 27623 Spring 2021 Princpls of Human Nutritns Lab
FON298AA 36608 Spring 2021 Special Projects