Shauna Meredith

Adjunct Faculty


Shauna has dabbled in the many fields of dance for the last 10 years, including choreographing, performing and teaching. She holds degrees in psychology, dance performance, and dance technology, as well as an MS in dance science from the Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance in London, UK. It was this degree that sparked her interest in not only the aspect of injury prevention, but researching the many factors that can help make a dancer an efficient mover and how to optimize performance. Her technique classes have thus evolved to focus on efficiency and ease of movement, using imagery and breath to aid in achieving this sense of "flow". She has also begun to incorporate various strength and conditioning exercises into her warm-ups to prepare the body and muscles for class. Shauna currently choreographs and performs as a freelance artist, and holds Adjunct Faculty positions at both Glendale Community College and Scottsdale Community College.


Course # Class Section Semester Course Title Course Syllabus
DAN250 28041 Spring 2021 Dance Performance III
DAN255 28042 Spring 2021 Dance Performance IV
DAN131 27215 Spring 2021 Ballet I
DAN131PA 27860 Spring 2021 Ballet Basic Level
DAN135 27839 Spring 2021 Modern Dance II
DAN135PA 27836 Spring 2021 Modern Dance Beginning Level
DAN232AA 27222 Spring 2021 Modern Dance III: Intensive